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Being Non Confrontational with new Birds

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The Importance of Sun to Parrots

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Three Birds and a Cloud

Parrots need sunlight. It has been instrumental in the healing of our umbrella cockatoo, Bobo, since he went to live at the Island Parrot Sanctuary in Scotland (and for the mental and physical recovery of all parrots there), and it has helped my birds, too, although they are not emotionally traumatised as Bobo was. If you think about how wild flocks live, and realise that your parrot is just one or two generations removed from that, you’ll see that something critical is missing in their lives. This is part of making sure your pet gets the full range of nutrition he needs.

Without sun, parrots simply cannot absorb everything properly. It is a necessity, as much as fresh fruits and vegetables are in a parrot’s diet.

064 UV helps convert a bird onto a good diet of fresh fruits, sprouts, grains, and vegetables.

What is the impact of going without sun?

  • Increased…

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[Mildly] Successful Parrot Blogs: How to Have One.

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Three Birds and a Cloud

While I don’t consider Students with Birds Blog a massively successful endeavour, I do think it is doing okay for a small-timer, and I’m proud of it. Three-hundred-some followers, hey, I’ll take it. That number does seem tiny compared to those blogs with thousands of subscribers, but writing about a highly focussed, narrow topic like parrot care isn’t exactly a mass interest.

That said, parrot bloggers have to get creative. In honour of my 193rd  post, I wanted to share what I’ve done to garner views for my site, little by little (and these can be used for any blog). Assuming you’ve chosen a place to write – like WordPress or Blogspot – here are my tips:

IMG_3357 Celestial parrotlet claims credit for co-founding this blog.

1. Work that social media: Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) is an important tool for any blogger, but it…

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Earning Trust for Behaviors: Bird on Back

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Seven Reasons Why Parrots Are Not Good Pets.

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Three Birds and a Cloud

Are parrots good pets? What is owning one like? In my opinion, no, they are not good pets at all – caring for them properly will consume your life, not that this is necessarily a bad thing. This article was inspired by my previous post, where I realised that I never defined why I feel parrots aren’t meant as captive animals. There are several major reasons why I feel parrots aren’t meant as pets**:

1. They are only one or two generations removed from the wild:

Being tamed, not domesticated, birds are very much creatures of their instincts. Think your hand-reared parrot is perfectly adapted to your human home? Think again. Every behaviour has its roots in how they would react in the wild.

As an example, adult parrots seek to reproduce. It isn’t about pining for ‘love’ – they quite frankly just want to mate and make babies…

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For and Against the Breeding of Pet Parrots.

I would love to adopt a bird! Recently tried but it turned out to be a scam! So even adopting poses a challenge.

Three Birds and a Cloud


recently read a post on the Feathered Angels Blog that sums up perfectly what I feel about the responsible breeding of parrots. It spurs us to ask ourselves if can there really be such a thing as ‘responsible’ breeding, when few birds remain in their forever homes – even those specially selected by breeders?

The author writes,

“As I look around at the thousands and thousands of homeless birds in rescues and sanctuaries, I have to wonder how anyone can ever argue that there is such a thing as responsible breeding?”

The article goes on to explore some sad truths: Our lives change. Circumstances change. The term ‘forever home’ is an illusion, as, for these long-lived creatures, being passed from home to home is a reality. Very few people can actually commit to twenty to eighty-odd years as a virtual slave. Many of the birds in…

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