Great article on what parrot is good for a beginner

Three Birds and a Cloud

I want to start that by saying that there should be no such thing as a ‘first bird’ or so-called beginner parrot. Every single species is similarly messy, loud, and challenging. They are demanding pets no matter their size. Meeting their complex care requirements is not spoiling them, it’s making sure they lead a decent life in captivity.

Photos 030 Most of us cannot provide this for our parrots, but it is what they most need

Parrots as pets are often compared to children, babies that never grow up, which you bring into your home for life. And I think it’s unfair to compare them to one another in terms of size alone. Even a very small parrot needs a lot of time, and will cost you quite a bit in terms of vet care, toys, housing, and food.

So what parrot species is right for me? Answer – the right parrot for your family is…

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